SSH Nomination Committee Portal: Legal notice




In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, your personal data are processed and kept as stated below.

By registering and entering your data in the SSH Nomination Committee Portal, you consent to the processing and use of personal data submitted in this application, as well as to the collection and use of publicly available personal data (printed and other media, annual reports of companies, etc.) which may be relevant for determining the satisfaction of conditions and criteria for evaluating the suitability of a candidate for a supervisory board member.

By registering and by giving your explicit consent you allow SSH that, in connection with accreditation and nomination procedures and for the above mentioned purpose, processes your personal data entered into the web application. You agree to receive notifications which refer to SSH's activities pursued in connection with supervisory boards.

At the same time you authorise SSH to submit your personal data, which are necessary for evaluating the suitability of your candidacy within SSH's procedures and data which refer to your candidacy for a membership in supervisory bodies of companies governed by SSH, to the SSH Nomination Committee. The aim of submitting your data is firstly, to manage and make decisions in the accreditation and nomination procedures for members of supervisory bodies of SOEs and secondly, to manage and use the register of accredited and nominated candidates for members of supervisory bodies of SOEs in connection with the above mentioned procedures.

Further on, we would like to inform you that you have an option to acquaint yourself with personal data we collect about you, you have the option to access and inspect these data whereby you have the right to copy your personal data or request a printout of your personal data to be submitted to you on a durable medium or via electronic information system. You have the right to ask us to transmit or delete your personal data from the filling system in which they are processed. You have the right to ask for a written confirmation that we process or that we do not process your personal data.

You may obtain all additional explanations in connection with the purpose for collecting personal data, their categories, dataset, sources, retention deadlines, procedures and measures taken for protecting your personal data, the description of the filling systems managed by SSH and information about other matters which refer to the personal data management by sending an e-mail to the following address: You can also contact us by phone or via a regular post.

Information about your personal data controller: Slovenski državni holding d. d., Mala ulica 5, p. p. 139, 1000 Ljubljana, SI, Telephone: ++386 1 300 91 13, E-mail: